The Avondhu Liqueur Company
is an exciting new Irish brand with
roots steeped in rich Irish history.



The rich fertile valleys of the Avondhu region, where the very first Irish settled, makes our story  unique. During the last Ice Age, the Avondhu was not glaciated and so the very first settlers made their way up the Blackwater River and spread out up its tributaries to settle in the heart of the Avondhu.

The rich valleys created pastures where farmers enjoyed the fruits of a very fertile land. It is this same land which is the source of our fresh cream, from which our Cream Liqueur is created.


At Avondhu we describe this new adventure as more of a rebirth than a beginning. Yes ‘Avondhu’, the name, is new but we have being producing under our sister company Silver Pail Dairy, Ireland’s largest ice cream manufacturer, and shipping Cream Liqueur since its inception.

Irish Cream Liqueur was originally developed in the State R&D facility in our home town of Fermoy Co. Cork in 1975.

Michael Murphy a food scientist was able to recreate and improve on this very liquid and Silver Pail Dairy has supplied it to some of the leading Global Spirit Brands.

At Avondhu we sell our own collection of cream liqueurs, but also private label, as required, and take pride in using our long experience to manufacture a premium product.

“The Avondhu, where it all began. Where our ancestors, together with mystical druids, set out on a long journey of discovery more than 10,000 years ago.”