When two Great Irish ingredients were combined, something truly magical happened. The finest Irish whiskey blended with real dairy cream created the much loved Irish Cream Liqueur.


It’s no secret that Ireland has an unrivalled reputation in producing the finest dairy products as well as some of the most premium Whiskey available on the market. Therefore, it’s only natural that their magical combination, cream liqueur, originated here in the Emerald Isle.

For many years Irish people have been combining cream and whiskey in their own unique ways but it was only in 1974 that technology was developed to create this bottled product, which was then made available to the worldwide market.

This was a historic moment in the alcoholic beverage industry as it hit a niche, in particular with young consumers looking for a lower alcohol, delicious tasting product.

In the four short decades since, Irish Cream Liqueur has established itself as the Number 1 seller within the Liqueur category and as a firm seasonal favourite worldwide.




Glanmore Irish Cream blends together Irish Cream, some of the finest Irish whiskey and chocolate. Yes chocolate! With an ice cream factory as a sister company (Silver Pail Dairy) we could not help but steal some of this flavour knowledge to create our new Irish Cream. Glanmore Irish Cream with chocolate notes tastes so good you will have to create new occasions to enjoy it with friends.

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